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WAVi - Brain Analysis

Transforms brain information into metrics that inform behavior

WAVi uses EEG technology that records an electrical signature of the brain and ERP tests that measure the brain’s reaction to a stimulus such as a sound or image. ERP tests yield high resolution measures of brain speed (down to the milisecond).

ERPs used by WAVi are well-established metrics and have been involved in numerous clinical research studies over the last several decades; having been shown to be informative biomedical markers relating to a wide range of brain states and traits. They have been used to assess aspects of mental health, cognitive health, drug addiction, personality and many other areas.

The patented WAVi® headset was developed over ten years and refined by MOMO Design. It’s comfortable, portable, and extremely user-friendly.

What do WAVi results mean?

The WAVi test provides measures of brain power, reaction time and more — similar to routine measures such as blood pressure or heart rate. Over time, you can use these measurements to answer questions such as:

  • How is my brain changing as I age?
  • How can I improve my brain performance?
  • What, if any, impact are treatments and interventions having on my brain metrics?
  • How do my brain metrics relate to my mental health?’

How can WAVi help me?

Regular tracking of your brain performance provides clear results and feedback over time. This gives you and your practitioner the information needed to manage potential cognitive decline, traumatic events, unexpected health circumstances, and lifestyle changes. You can then benefit from personalized treatment programs and improved care.