Client Testimonials On The Benefits Of Physical And Functional Medicine

After being injured and having severe pain in my leg and trouble walking, I came here in hopes of preparing for a tryout within the next 3 days. My uncle (Dr. Uss), was able to get me back on the court in this time period. The extensive care and hospitality here is truly amazing. I highly recommend Dr. Uss as you will see results and have a great experience.
~ Matt Uss

No distractions or rushing from this doctor…and he truly takes his oath for your care to heart. Dr. Uss is not only an incredibly skilled and patient-focused physical therapist, but his whole care for you as a naturopathic physician is unlike any I have received. He is an active listener and intuitive to your needs with a calm, comforting, easy spirit. He has an extensive knowledge base from his many years in patient care and amazingly stays up to date on the latest research and approach. His use of traditional methods and modalities combined with state of the art medical equipment and naturopathic practices gave me the best healing results possible for two significant injuries. Dr. Uss used multiple modalities until we found the ones that worked best for me and he never gives up. He works directly with you for an entire hour, and there is no judgement. He provides kind encouragement, increases motivation, and gives clear explanation. Dr. Uss steered me on a better path to wellness. I have never written a review for any doctor, (and I live with an uncommon genetic disorder and have seen many) but I felt moved to do so because of my experience. We are so fortunate as a community that we now have his new office in Southport!
~ Michele H.

Back in September, I had an unexpected gym injury. The result was a couple of herniated discs, mainly the C7 which triggered severe nerve impingement, coupled with numbness and constant discomfort in my two fingers. Since then, I have gone the traditional route of x-ray, MRI, medication, standard PT, and then even 2 sedated epidurals. At this point, the pain management doctor suggested going back to the orthopedic which assuming would recommend surgery. At a standstill, I know before even considering this as an option, I had to turn over all stones. This lead me to Dr. Brian Uss, a trip from Long Island, but all avenues needed exploration. I must say, from the minute I entered his office, I knew this move could possible change my outlook and situation. He accommodated me on a Sunday which was a blessing with work and life balances. We initially had discussions about my ailments at which point Dr. Uss had me at hello ..haha. His bed side manner and attention was amazing. He mapped out all options of treatment, resources, supplements, nutrition, and exercise. I could have almost been done there and that was prior to the treatment. I can equate his exclusive treatments and care to me being a star professional athlete with their world wide best doctor on hand. I honestly got more out of this experience than the last 3.5 months of seeing a vast array of professionals. Guru and saint is an understatement for Dr. Uss. I have since been several more times and will continue, beyond optimistically, under what I feel and can only attest to a miracle worker. Anyone knows that when there seems to be a break or ease of discomfort, it is unbelievable. Doc has done priceless work. It is an honor to share my experiences and recommend Dr. Brian Uss.
~ Rick Weinstein